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Private Readings

Private readings are evidentially based by demonstrating through the medium, the continued existence of the human soul via factors uniquely intimate to the participants involved. The aim of the reading is that the medium receives evidence of the presence of a loved one such as physical description and appearance and/or characteristics and mannerisms, along with shared memories. Good evidence is considered to include names, dates, gender and to refer to the nature of the relationships between those involved. It is our belief that soul consciousness continues living beyond that which is humanly termed death. Mediumship aims to demonstrate this through the evidence brought forth during readings.

A reading might make you laugh, it might make you cry. You may be puzzled, intrigued and mystified. Questions may be raised, answers found or not. You may feel more settled or unsettled, frustrations may be eased or extended. There are no guarantees but whatever the case it will touch you emotionally in a unique and private manner. The experience should be satisfying and comforting, positive and uplifting and never frightening. A reading might shake up long held beliefs or dis-belief but should bring joy, healing and positivity about a world that goes on albeit on a different level to that which we are familiar. You can be assured of a sensitive and professional approach when you choose a private reading.

Preparing For Your Reading

Choose a quiet, calm and comfortable environment in your home or a place of your choice from which to 'ask out' to the Spirit World inviting those with whom you wish to communicate to come forward.

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