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Mediumship Workshop

Margaret North provides educational workshops aimed at the complete beginner through to the developed individual who Is looking to raise the level of their awareness and Mediumship.
Through practical tutorials Margaret will present the student with a vast array of knowledge and information associated with Mediumship, this facilitating the individual's understanding of the spirit. Mediumship is presented rationally through modern and fresh approaches.

The workshops are designed to assist across a board range of abilities: beginner, intermediate and developed. They aim to provide a constructive experience for all of those involved. Participants are encouraged to discuss and share the experiences that Mediumship has to offer in an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere .

These constructive and enjoyable workshops are situated through venues around West Yorkshire and are a chance for like minded people to come together and share experiences of spirits workings and to help people meet others who have so many questions of the spirit world.

Please continue to visit the website and this page for up and coming workshops or contact us with your interest and we will keep you informed of activities taking place when they are arranged.

Workshop venues and dates

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