Margaret North and Mediumship: My Journey

journey Hi everyone,

Welcome to the website which explores both my own journey with Spiritualism and Mediumship and extends to sharing these experiences with you. The fact that you have decided to explore this website suggests that you may be just as curious a person as I am myself.

As a child, driving my parents to distraction and never being satisfied with 'just be told Margaret'! I was forever asking:

'But why mam, who says so, how do you know though'? Forever questioning, seeing things through the eyes of a child means seeing endless possibilities.

When I lost someone very dear to me when I was nine years old and was told they had gone to heaven where we are all meant to go, I was dissatisfied with the explanation, but had no means of voicing what I felt. When I felt strongly that he was still there sometimes so close to me, that he came to see me, I had no way to express these thoughts and feelings and no-one to listen or to take me seriously. I was just a child after all.

I was comforted by his continued presence; it made me happy. I was not fearful of death; my young mind was open to every possibility before falling prey to the restrictions in thought that come along with adulthood. Eventually I gave in and 'put away my childish thoughts'; I closed my mind and tried to 'just be told Margaret'.

However, sixteen years ago these thoughts began to flourish again following a visit to my local Spiritualist Church. Here, in the security of knowing that I would not be mocked, I gained the confidence to open my mind again and to hear and see that which I had tried to put behind me. Now I am secure in the knowledge that though we die in the physical sense, there is no complete death, just a change of location for the human soul.

Over the last sixteen years I have continued to develop my Mediumship and have gained a Platform Accreditation Scheme (P.A.S) in Demonstrating awarded by the Spiritualist National Union (S.N.U). I undertake continual training and development at regional and national level and am recommended by longstanding and respected practitioners in the field.

I have a keen interest for supporting others who wish to develop their own Mediumship. This is a never ending journey which involves having the responsibility to relay accurate evidence of the spirit world and requires constant development and commitment.